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Last updated on February 4, 2008.

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FMail Development

Welcome to the FMail (not to be confused with GMail :-)) support pages on the Internet! FMail is a shareware echomail processor for networks that use Fidonet technology. On these pages you can download the software and also you can find information on how to register the program.

Current version: FMail 1.60

FMail 1.60 is the current standard version.

New features in 1.60 (compared to 1.48):

  • The maximum number of nodes has been increased to 8000 for 32 bit and DOS-DPMI versions.
  • FTOOLS ADDNEW function has been added. If you run this command after new areas have been received (FMail Toss), these areas will be added to FMAIL.AR (using the defaults you set on the AreaMgr defaults page in FSetup). After that, you can run FMAIL TOSS /B to retoss the bad messages. You can detect the arrival of new areas by testing from your batch file whether or not FMAIL.BDE exists in the FMail directory. If you add the switch /A, the files that are normally updated by FSetup's AutoUpdate feature, will also be updated by FTools AddNew.
  • NT compressed directories are now supported.
  • The product code list has been updated to FTSCPROD.005.
  • It's now possible to have netmail messages sent by you be moved to the Personal Mail directory (extra Yes/No toggle).
  • It's now possible to do JAM base maintenance for selected areas.
  • EleBBS support added.
  • SMTP now can handle multiple filenames when sending netmail messages with more than one file attached.
  • Some bugs were fixed (see the file NEW_IN.160 that is included in the ZIP file for more information).

The FMail Key Update procedure

The new versions of FMail now use a new key system. Users who are registered and have old style registration keys (two numbers) can now contact me to request a new key file.

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Please send all your remarks, requests, comments etc. to the email address in the left columns. Comments and suggestions for improvements of this site are welcome!

The FMail Key Update procedure

The new versions of FMail now use a new key system. Registered users with old registration keys (two numbers) can now contact me to request a new key file.

FMail Development does not have a FidoNet node number anymore

The FidoNet node number of FMail Development has been cancelled also due to the fact that not many people used it anymore. Please use e-mail to contact me instead.

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